Updated 4/1/2019

Do you have a legal tech hackathon coming up? Here’s something that might help you get started. Four small (under 200 lines) Docassemble skeleton projects that you can adapt for your use.

  1. A simple chatbot with branching logic that gives advice to the user. Run this interview
  2. A demonstration of how to assemble a document using information from the end-user (in the example we create a 93A Consumer Demand Letter). Run this interview
  3. A court date reminder tool that sends you a text message on your court date, demonstrating date math and the Twilio API integration as well as scheduling future events. Run this interview
  4. An example that shows how to use the requests library to build an API request. Run this interview.
  5. A tool that displays a map of the nearest Social Security Offices, demonstrating Google Maps integration and a custom module I wrote for the Volunteer Lawyer’s Project of the Boston Bar Association. Run this interview.
  6. A simple data visualization of the popularity of Zombies vs Vampires over time, showing how a Python developer can leverage their experience with Python’s rich library of data tools in Docassemble. Run this interview. (NOTE: it looks like this only works in the Python 3.x branch of Docassemble, for now.)

All four six projects took about an hour each to create, with heavy annotations and links to the documentation to help you understand them.

See the full list here.

Not sure where to start? I wrote a blog about how to get started with Docassemble. My friend Jason Morris and I also offer Docassemble consulting services as Lemma Legal. We can help you with installation, training, and creating your first interviews.


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