Hi there! My name is Quinten. I’m a housing attorney, a developer, and a systems administrator working at New England’s largest non-profit law firm in Boston, Massachusetts. I learned computer science and systems administration at Carnegie Mellon University and I was trained as a lawyer at Cornell Law School.

I’ve been working on technology for social change since 2001 when I was a member of the global Indymedia tech collective. I was a founding member and web developer for the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center. I was one of the members that started a radio news magazine that lasted from 2004 until 2013 and was syndicated on the Pacifica network satellite and 9 local radio stations.

Today I practice law, I manage my organizations’s computer infrastructure and I participate in many technology projects. I have some fun technology projects in PowerShell and HotDocs and I still dabble in audio production with Audacity. I am also an appointed member of the City of Cambridge‘s Recycling Advisory Committee.

I post my technology projects on GitHub.